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“Therefore snares are all around you…”(Job 22.10)

We scarcely bother about the emphasis that God places on some terms in the Scriptures. We just read and gloss over and pass on, without any attempt to get deeper insight to them. One of such words is Snare. Several terms are used in the same sense of an animal being caught by an alluring deception; entrapped, captured, entrapped, trapped, to indicate the literal. Symbolically, the word is employed to indicate the means which Satan lays to entrap us in his power. The figure of fowler waiting to snare birds gives an insight into the cruel, treacherous character of the enemy of our soul (Ps 91.5). The Holy Spirit has depicted dangers so we will take warning.

Satan has erected many such attractions for mankind. Only when it is too late do the victims realize that they have been deceived and lost. Many have dabbled into the world of the occultism, Spiritualism, Lesbianism and sold their souls to the devil. Alcohol is a favourite means with young and old for forgetting personal worries and problems. But it’s a trap.  No less fatal are drugs, sexual immorality, pornography, and other vices and illicit activities from which people expect happiness. They are traps for the youths. Many engaged in them out of curiosity and become addicted. Some have given themselves over to wrong doctrines, false prophecies, evil predictions, instead of placing their faith in the unchanging word of God that has been tried and tested (Ps 12.6).

All these things leads men further away from God and thus nearer to His judgment. No matter how far away you are from home with the Lord, you can make it back. Jesus Christ is the only hope you have today, to deliver you from every snare that has captured your soul.  Decide today to be free from every evil habit that have ensnared you and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, who longs to be your Saviour and Lord. He has come, “….to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed…”(Luke 4.18). He alone can lift your burden of guilt and grant you fullness of joy, unto eternity- not merely a passing sense of pleasure

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