St. Matthew’s Anglican Church is located in the South South geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. Precisely in Rivers State and ever busy Trans-Amadi Road of Port-Harcourt Nigeria. It is a Church which is a conference of all tribes and tongues that make up Nigeria, worshipping in an atmosphere filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is basically a cosmopolitan Church driven by what every member is made to identify with “The Vision” this vision is the purpose for which the Church came into existence since 1987.




St. Matthew’s Anglican Church was born on the 4th of October, 1987 with a clear mandate to champion the cause of Revival in the Anglican Communion NOT only in the Diocese of Niger Delta then but World-wide.




The birth of this Church was strategic as there was a yearning in the heart of many Anglicans at that time for a return to the original virtues of our founding Fathers; Church Missionary Society. A yearning based on strong scriptural backing.


About this time, a young Lecturer in the Rivers State College of Education Port-Harcourt who was then just ordained in the Diocese of  Warri Nigeria was approached to start a church in a building donated by Chief Bright Ndah in honour of his late father who dedicated the place as a worship centre to God. With the consent of Rt. Rev. Samuel Elenwo, the Bishop at that time, the first Church Service commenced on the 4th of October, 1987 with a few families and the young Priest.




One major characteristic of this new church was that it set out to carve out a part for herself by her methods, vision and strive to succeed. This was not without the attendant challenges most of which were fueled by traditional Anglicans who saw the new church as a deviant and as such should be closed. However God used the Bishop of blessed memory Rt. Rev. Samuel Onyeukwu Elenwo to shield the Church from attacks that would have seen the end of this great move of God. As if to reward the Bishop’s faith in what God wanted to do, the Church grew in such dimension that was unprecedented, numerically and in its God given vision.




Missions and Evangelism is the main stay of the Church and no expense is spared towards fulfilling this mandate. The Church has a robust Evangelism and Mission Department, manned by full time Staff and has Missionaries all over Nigeria and some parts of Africa. Since inception, over Five (500) Missionaries have passed through the Church many of whom have become full time Clergy Men. Presently we have Missionaries in Southern Sudan and Sierra-Leone apart from those posted to serve in various parts of Nigeria.




St.  Matthew’s Anglican Church Nkpogwu is a place any true worshiper of God will find fulfillment as the Church gives room for the full fold ministries that God gave to the Church for the edification of the body of Christ. It is the firm belief in SMAC as we are called that nobody should be a bench warmer. Everybody is encouraged to be part of an Arm, Unit and Home-Fellowship to foster spiritual growth and a sense of belonging. Towards this end there are about twenty-one Units under five Departments namely; Evangelism, Prayer, Music, Teaching and Children. The Arms are: Men’s Christian Association (MCA) Ladies Fellowship Comprising of Mothers Union and Women’s Guild and Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF).




St Matthew’s Anglican Church has pursued her God given Vision and will continue to do so and that is why we are called “The Flame of Anglican Revival”   














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They are the next generation and we hope to ignite the love of Jesus in their hearts and help them stand against the pressures they encounter at home, school