Weekly Prayer Chain


Text:    Esther  5:1 - 14

Prayer points:   Bless the God of all flesh who rules over the universe.  Thank Him for His favour over SMAC and your family. Thank Him for He has humiliated your enemies.  Bless His name for watching over His church. Indeed the Lord is good.  Bless His Holy name. 

2017 Adult/Family Harvest:  Thank God for making you part of this harvest. Pray and ask Him to give increase to your seed. Ask God to send more labourer to His harvest. Command the East wind of God to carry any evil bird that will eat up your seeds. Declare that you shall not favour in vain. Pray and ask God to prepare the hearts of many for the harvest. 

Evangelism Outing: Bless God for the success of the evangelism to Isiukwuato, Okigwe and Idah. Thank Him also for various units and groups that visited mission fields last week.  Ask God to sustain by His spirit all souls won in those outing. Pray for harvest of more souls in this season. Thank God for safety of all that participated and pray that they should not lack any good thing their hearts desire. Commit the up-coming evangelism retreat to God and ask Him to glorify His name in it. Thank God also for the success of prayer squad retreat.

Home Fellowship Mission Outing/Week: Bless God for Home Fellowship ministry and all that the Lord has done at the home fellowships. Ask God to use home fellowships to win more souls for Himself. Present all home fellowship centres to God and ask Him to bless them. Present all who have given their homes to be used as home fellowship centres to God and ask Him to dwell in such homes.  Pray for home fellowship superintendent both past and present that God shall remember their good works and bless them. Remember specially our Brother Ifeanyi Okafor, the quiz master and his family and pray to God to remember him for good and roll away any challenge in his family.

New Month: Brethren, the month of October shall roll out this week to usher in the eleventh month of the year, hallelujah - Praise the Lord.  With shout of joy, welcome the month of November and bless her. Speak to the womb of November and ask her to bring good news to you and SMAC. Declare it a month of joy and increase. Declare it a month of remembrance and ask God to remember you for good. Possess the gates of November and lock out sorrow from it. Declare that it is well with you and family and all SMAC families in the month of November. Present your personal needs to God and thank Him for answered prayers.

MCA Groups 1 & 2, L/F. Groups A & B  & Elekahia Est. 2  Home Fellowship are to prepare for Next Week



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