Weekly Prayer Chain


Text:   Psalm  89 vs.  1 - 37.

Prayer  Points:  Sing the first verse of our text aloud to acknowledge and declare the mercies and faithfulness of the Lord over SMAC and her families.  Praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness. Bless His name for He is a covenant keeping God.  Remember all His benefits to us as a Church, family and individual. Thank Him for His provisions, security, love, kindness and healing. Thank God for all members of SMAC and all the children born to the families of SMAC.  Bless God for all who gave their life to Jesus through the work of missions and evangelism of SMAC.  Indeed the Lord has shown us His faithfulness, praise His holy name.

30th Anniversary of SMAC:  Blow the trumpet as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of SMAC.  Ask God to release the strength of the firstborn and exalt the horn of SMAC at 30.  Present all the speakers to God and ask Him to grant them utterance.  Pray that God shall use them to lay foundation of new era for SMAC.

Pray that from now on nobody shall trouble SMAC. Present all Arms and Units in SMAC to God and ask Him to make them functional.

SMAC Retirees:  Present all SMAC retirees to God and ask Him to open a new source of income for them.  Pray that God shall grant them good health.  Secure everything they have in the hand of God and declare that evil men shall not see them.  Call forth their good work and ask God to remember them for good. Pray that God shall give them new ideas to invest what they have wisely.

Secure their families in God’s hands.

New Month:  Brethren we are in the 10th month of the year.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord.  This is the month of our glory as a Church and a month of freedom as a nation.  Pray and command the glory of God upon SMAC and her members. Ask God to honour SMAC this year by His divine visitation.   Ask God to terminate any form of slavery in His Church and nation and set His people free.  Release all who are appointed unto death and cancel such evil appointment.  Ask God to heal the sick. Declare the peace of God to the nation of Nigeria and silence any voice of violence over the nation. Secure our children living outside our  homes and ask Him to guide them diligently.  Present your personal needs to God ad thank Him for answered prayers.


MCA Group 9 & 10, L/F. Group I & J and Church,  Workers are to Prepare For Next Week.

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They are the next generation and we hope to ignite the love of Jesus in their hearts and help them stand against the pressures they encounter at home, school